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Chrissy Reeves

I am a mum of 2. Since having my children I have become a professional in Anxiety and Worrying. 


The mum world has always been an important part of my journey. Now that mine are getting older and I no longer need to follow them wherever they go, I can start doing things for me. When I say me I mean without my children but always mum related. 


The show will give advice and funny Mumpy Moments that we have all been in but perhaps don’t always talk about. I want to connect with the stony mums and make Mumpy moments normal. A Mumpy moment shared is a Mumpy moment halved. 


I play great pop tracks mainly from the 90’s. I have comedy, memes of the week, poems and places for families to visit in and around stony. Join me every Tuesday 1-2pm to put a smile on your face.  

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