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Andie B

Occasional Drummer, full time music lover but mostly Lift Engineer!

I like seeing the world and taking photo's along the way. I love Ale, whiskey and laughing!!

I also enjoy making stuff from metal or wood and spending time in my home pub!( which is where my shows are done).

My love for music goes back as far as i can remember, as a kid listening Rock and roll basslines vibrating through the floor boards while i was in bed, into my teens where the Acid Jazz movement took hold and it felt like my kind of music which led on to Funk and jazz or anything with groove.

Searching Time out Magazine for the weekends gigs you would of found me in the Jazz cafe, Ronnie Scotts or suchlike.  But running under all that was Hip Hop in particular the Jazzy kind from labels such as Wall of sound, Talking loud, Brownswood , Ninjatune and Mo wax.

Beats and pieces is a delv into a nearly 30 year bunch of tunes that have shaped my taste, while touching on some much newer material.  It's important to me that music isn't forgotten.  "An old piece of music is only old if you heard it before".

So if you heard a bit of music on the show and it turns your ears on, then its mission accomplished!

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