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Ian Wedderburn goes under the alias of Sid. Ian's best mate (Maggot) was the first to dye his hair orange at school and nicknamed him Sid Wishus after the punk icon Sid Vicious as Ian had no musical talent whatsoever! The name has stayed since.

From the age of 13 (1976) Ian was always listening to John Peel at night and pestering Youth Club and School DJs to play this-and-that. At 19 Ian started to cut and fade my 7" vinyl as an indie DJ at Brighton Poly getting a name for "making weird eclectic mix tapes that kept the floor bopping".  Ian then left there with an Honours degree in Sports Science, then went to Liverpool Uni. and trainer to become a Sports/Science Teacher. Ian's first teaching job was at Denbigh School.

Ian then got a regular Saturday slot at the Compass Club in Bletchley from 86-88 under the name Fetish while also DJing and entertaining kids as Mr. Silly! He was lucky to get a Teaching Job in the Bahamas where Ian also worked as a Dive Instructor /Swim Coach/ Caterer/ Powerboat Crew, as well as having a small bar called Sid's Shack-Up from 88-93 (it always had the best music). On Ian's return to MK when I wasn’t teaching, he worked as a part-time ski-guide in Austria and did school end-of-term discos till 2004.

Ian has just retired from teaching and happy to play the music I love.

Catch Ian each and every Tuesday playing an informal 7” mix of styles from off the beaten track. The first hour is from a year chosen at random, after that anything goes, with a hint to newly released 7” s. Taken from a collection of 6,000+ 7” s.

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