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Thia Cooper

Born in Newcastle on Tyne, trained as a teacher ay Neville’s Cross College, Durham specialising in Music and English.

Came to MK in 1972 and taught at various schools in whilst studying for ARCM (Associate of the
Royal School of Music) which was achieved in 1978.  Moved to Stony Stratford in 1974 and taught music at the Radcliffe School for 4 years.

Sustained a professional solo singing career specialising in oratorio and concert work, including
regular solo work with MK Chorale further afield. Concert at the Purcell Room on 1978.
Worked as Education Consultant at The Stables for 20 years, developing music courses and
residential jazz courses and touring jazz musicians teaching teachers how to teach jazz.
Had 11 years at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, in the post graduate Jazz Department, in administration, not teaching and giving both post grad and under grad students advice about the business side of being in the music business.

Organised and ran a fund-raising concert at the Festival Hall for The Stables, staring Dame Cleo Laine and Sir John Dankworth plus several world famous entertainers with The John Dankworth Big Band.  George Sheering being one.

After retirement took up charity work, specifically with AgeUK, but have also volunteered with
Oxfam and Barnardo’s.

Began regular broadcasting in 2017, but had been a regular (a long time ago now!!) on 3 Counties in the 80’s and Horizon with Trevor and Helen’s Morning show.

Thia’s Chatty Charity Show grew out of my interest in Charities, the need for them, their volunteers and the way they survive.  The show gives them the opportunity for free publicity and get to a wider audience, and bring to the fore any fundraising events in the future. I have had over 300 guests so far ranging from ‘Singing for the Brain’ to ‘Medical Detection Dogs’. The dogs were there but left their handlers to speak!  From time to time the choice of guests widens to ‘people of interest’ in the area and the ‘odd’ Mayor or MP.  Interspersed with the chat, is a wide variety of music, from light classical to middle of the road pop, to country to jazz. Guests are also invited to bring music of their choice and tell us why, if there is a story.  Quite often there are events and/or follow up stories from previous guests to talk about. I always try to go to events that have been publicised by a guest.  Although the subjects can be heartbreaking. I keep the conversation as light hearted as possible and always end on a positive note.

Gin, Girls and Giggles, there is NO gin, few girls, but plenty of giggles!
All things ladies (and sometimes men!) discussing their week, news topics, in fact anything of
interest. usually with a humorous twist. The invitation is extended to anyone ‘with an opinion’ to
join the show with some regulars on food, nutrition and weight advice, a doctor (not until the end of this crisis), and an animal specialist.  A great way to lighten up for the weekend, have fun and listen to some great music!

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